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Root canal at Sun Dental Centre, Muscat, Oman

Root canal at Sun Dental Centre, Muscat, Oman

At sun dental centre - Dr suhail does single sitting rootcanal treatment. Dr suhail has been doing one sitting root canal for more than 10 years and has gained considerable experience and expertise in doing single sitting root canal treatment.

When is root canal required?

Root Canal Treatment is required when patient experiences:

— Severe pain in the tooth;

— Cannot eat from that side;

— Pain increases while sleeping in the night;

— Pain radiates to the head ,or if the lower tooth is involved it radiates to the ear.

Why is root canal required?

The pain is generally due to a cavity in the tooth which is deep and has reached the nerve inside the tooth. A simple filling in the cavity will not relieve the pain. So root canal is done to save the tooth from extraction(removing).

What is done during root canal procedure?

During root canal treatment –the infected nerve is removed and the root canal space is filled and then in the top cavity a filling is done.later a crown can placed on the tooth.

Does is it pain while doing root canal?

Root canal is done under local anaesthesia , hence ,it is generally painless .

How much time it takes to do a root canal at sun dental centre?

It takes about 90 min to do the complete root canal procedure at Sun Dental Centre.