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Claire Kelly

As a child I was at the dentist a lot and it was never a pleasant experience. I became incredibly afraid of even someone muttering the word dentist. Living on and off in muscat for contracts over the last four years I have had two really bad toothaches, but have always put off coming to the dentist until recently.

Two of my friends recommended sun dental saying that the care was wonderful and the technology superb. My major concern with a job as a singer was that I would not be able to work.
After meeting Dr Suhail, I instantly felt reassured. He has a presence that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and my first impressions then led onto even better ones. There was no pain, I was comfortable throughout and not to mention it was easy on my pocket. With careful instructions the healing process was not a problem and Have since been back for two more procedures that have been necessary for quite some time.

Now that I have lost my fear of dentists I will have a much healthier smile. I recommend sun dental to absolutely anyone and everyone and will for the rest of my days. Thank you for everything, and see you soon.


Yves Daniel

Sun Dental was a rewarding experience. Very hygienic and professional service and attitude towards dental hygiene. Dr Suhail is very enthusiastic about his work and quality. Not only a visit to the dentist but an educational experience for both me and my 3 year old son Mitchell.


Isamar Carrillo

My experience at Sun Dental was amazing. I had always been afraid of dentists, and I was in a lot of pain; even needed a root canal, which was my worst nightmare. Well, it turns out that Dr Suhail was the best dentist ever; he fixed my problem very quickly and with absolutely no pain, and his kindness really set me at ease from the first. I wish there were more dentists like him!"