Sun Dental

Welcome to
Sun Dental Center

Welcome to
Sun Dental Center

We strive to render quality dental care in a comfortable & efficient manner with the vision of achieving long term goal of strong teeth and healthy gums at affordable prices.

We follow international guidelines in all aspects of treatment and sterilization.

Our clinic specializes in:

Teeth whitening

Non sensitive whitening system from Europe! Offered now at best rates.

Dental tourism

Enjoy oman, get your dental job done. We ensure western quality and better prices. Smile and Save …

Power scaling

Get your teeth cleaned & polished with our special powerscaling package and enjoy fresh breath.

Children Dentisty

We strongly recommend preventive dental check up for all children.Good dental habits formed at and early age can ensure lifetime strong teeth.

Bad breath

We work with the patient in understanding the cause of bleeding gums and bad breath and offer services for treatment and prevention of gum diseases…

International testimonials

Experienced in treating international patient be it for small urgent emergency care or for planned comprehensive dental care.


Affordable Prices

Disposible / Sterilized dental instruments

Open on Fridays

Our services

Root Canal

Dr suhail has been doing one sitting root canal for more than 10 years and has gained considerable experience and expertise in doing single sitting root canal treatment.

Fixed Bridges

Replace your missing teeth with Strong and natural looking fixed dentures.
Makes you feel and look beautiful younger and keeps you smilling.

Bleeding Gum

Bleeding gums while brushing is a sign of gum disease. Do you know: gum disease leads to smollen gums, bad breath & bad taste, Gum disease eventually loosens your teeth and they fall…

Dental insurance in Muscat Oman

Sun dental centre is a private dental health service provider in Muscat Oman. Sun Dental Centre in Al Khuwair in Muscat is approved private dental centre by all major insurances and has direct billing contract with:

— National life and general insurance;

— Nextcare;

— Saico (Saudi arabaian insurance company);

— Neuron;

— Metlif;

— Nas;

— Mednet.

— Axa;

— Interglobal;

— Globe med;

— Inaya tpa;

— Oqic;

— Vipul;

Sun dental centre in Al Khuwair, Muscat is preferred service provider for dental services in Muscat region. For people and companies having insurance card of the above companies.
Other insurance are also accepted at sun dental centre and patients are treated on reimbursement basis.

Dr. Suhail Saiyad

Dental Surgeon in Muscat, since 2000