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Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry

At sun dental centre we focus on preventive dentistry As the name suggests the idea is to prevent the major dental problems

What is preventive dentistry?

Loss of outermost layer of teeth enamel causes tooth to become extra sensitive.

— Dental caries-tooth cavity;

— Sensitive teeth;

— Gum problems like bleeding gums;

— Multiple cavities in children.

All the above problems can be prevented by understanding the causes of the problems and then learning and adapting proper dental hygiene habits.

We educate our patients and train and help them to use new ways to keep their teeth & gums healthy and strong for life.

For caries prevention two prociedure we stress more - sealant treatment and fluoride treatment..both are painless ,simple and done in just 10 min.

Sealant done immediately after teeth erupts has shown to be very effective in protecting teeth from caries.

Baby bottle tooth decay

Educating the new mother on issues of continuous bottle feeding at night by babies can lead to multiple cavities in children as early as two years, So it is very important for the babies to see the dentist as early as 6mnths of age.

Acid erosion

In recent times sensitive teeth/hypersensitivity is caused by excessive drinking of colas and impoper brushing habits.

Excessive drinking of fizzy drinks like colas or oranje juice or lemon for long period of time damages the outer most layer of tooth and patient experiences tooth sensitivity to cold and hot drinks.

This can be prevented by avoiding excessive drinking of colas or acidic drinks and by taking water after drinking colas.

Avoid sipping a can of cola/juice slowly for long period of time..

Prevention of gum problems

Single most common problem we come across is bleeding while brushing, This happens due infection in the gums , as generally we don’t do proper brushing.

This can be avoided by learning effective brushing ,we train the patients on the rigth way to brush to avoid recurrent of bleeding gums.

Well recommend the use of rotating brushes. Scaling done at every six months is very effective in keeping your gums healthy life long.

At sun dental ,Muscat ,Oman we have a special power scaling package for cleaning and polishing and which also addresses all the above issues of preventive dentistry.