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Teeth whitening at  sundentalmuscat in oman,
Bad breath treatment in oman, Muscat.
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Sun Dental Oman

We strive to render quality dental care  in a comfortable & efficient manner with the vision of  achieving long term  goal of strong teeth and healthy gums at affordable prices.
We follow  international guidelines  in all aspects of treatment and sterilization .

Bad breath treatment in oman, Muscat.

Bad Breath Treatment in OmanWe work with the patient in understanding the cause of bleeding gums and bad breath and offer services for treatment and prevention of gum diseases..

Preventive dentistry for children in Muscat.

Preventive dentistry for children in oman.We strongly recommend preventive dental check up for all children.Good dental habits formed at and early age can ensure lifetime strong teeth.Prevention is better than cure works well for childrens dentistry

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Teeth whitening at  sundentalmuscat in Oman

Teeth whitening at  Sundentalmuscat in OmanNon sensitive whitening system from Europe! Offered now at best rates.

Power Scaling

Power scaling in MuscatGet your teeth cleaned & polished with our special powerscaling package and enjoy fresh breath.

Dental Tourism Muscat Oman

Dental treatment for Tourist in MuscatEnjoy oman, get your dental job done. We ensure western quality and better prices. Smile and Save ..

Beautiful Oman Tourism

Beautiful OmanExperienced in treating   international patient be it for small urgent emergency care or for planned  comprehensive dental care.

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